(Lack of success) of Ph.D. graduates

Suppose you’re an economics department that wants to hire an assistant professor, and you have to decide between hiring the fifth out of 20 from one of the top 10 schools, or the top candidate from the top 11 school. A recent paper in the Journal of Economic Perspectives measures the research productivity of recent Ph.D. graduates. To summarize it in one sentence, the top candidate from a lower ranked school often does better than many of the ones who receive their Ph.D. from the best schools. Good to know when it comes to hiring I’d say. And encouraging when you’re a Ph.D. student who is not from one of the very best departments.


About kleintob

Tobias Klein is an Associate Professor at Tilburg University. He is an economist by training and obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Mannheim, Germany. Before that he visited the University of California at Berkeley Ph.D. program and the Ph.D. program at University College London, respectively for a year. He is passionate about economics, politics, food, and travelling. See http://www.tobiasklein.ws for his professional website.

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